If change…

i wish i could say all the things i want to say before going back to where i had started...

A lot of things have changed from bad to good or vice versa. Last night as I was trying to put myself to slumber I challenged my mind to think of what happened in the past just to see if I could still remember those. Nostalgic as it may seem.

There were moments [even faces] flashed before my eyes like I’m in to the movies. I enjoyed watching them like watching my favorite T.V. series. I could almost drone to myself “did I even do that?” I was engrossed to it.

I’ve seen faces recently appeared in reality. I had figured that out even before the façade of the past faces. Then a warm runny rolled down on my temples like I’ve been watching a dramatic scene. Again I whispered “did I even do that?” As if I don’t have any idea about the things I did like I was a scatterbrained. I may know them for certain. I was just being neglectful to my actions. Somehow I felt the guilt roving over me, blaming myself for that.

Some [or most] would say unuttered that something has changed without me noticing it. Perhaps I have changed but I am a being who constantly change. Nothing is permanent anyway.

Other people would think that I have become one of those people who think no other than themselves-selfish…

to be continued…


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