It is hard to accept that i cannot be like them. I  can’t catch attention just b y walking down the hallway. I cannot be cool because I don’t wear the latest trends or use the latest cellphone. I couldn’t be cool even if my life depend on it.

being cool is just by being yourself a lot says that. It is how you carry your clothes not how your clothes carry you. It doesn’t matter if your dress is from Paris or from thrift shop. They even told me that these cool people I envy  are just like me, outside, they may look calm and poised but inside insecrities are eating them out.

Once in my life, i tried to ac only  like these cool people. I copied the way they dress, talk and walk. Did I get notice? Nah! Not only did I turn out to be a big joke, i also lost my identity and get tagged as a second rate, trying hardcopy cat!

I felt like I was  in a movie but not as the leading star, but as Chiquito. I was a walking punchline!  So from then on, I stuck on my own dorky self. I learned my lesson the hard way. It is not important if you are cool or not, all the matter is how you appreciate yourself and being confident with who you are and what you have.

I also learned that these cool people are not so cool at all. Would it be annoying if everyone is watching every move you make? You can’t be yourself at anytime. You have to make sure that every lil’ action you have make will live up to others’ expectations of you. You must look so nice all the time or else your so-called friends will abandon you. These cool persons may look so good but their mentality might be tossing up and down, thinking on what to do next so that their crown wont be shattered by an equally cool wanna be. Well maybe being dork is not so bad at all without worrying  about ruining my figure. I can also do anything i want without those silly eyes watching and most all, I’m sure that i have “true friends” who will stand by me through thick and thin. The dorky me LOL


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