Kodiak portrait & wedding photographer

We haven’t dyed eggs before because Ry is allergic to them. This year I came across ceramic eggs, but with shipping, they’d never make it in time. Then I stopped by our local craft store & found wooden eggs. Tonight we dyed them. Then we decorated them with glitter glue pens. The boys had lots of fun. I took lots of pictures.

the wooden eggs had to sit in the dye for a long time, but it did work.

some of the finished product.

we decorated some of the dyed eggs with glitter glue pens. Ry wanted to make one for his baby sister, hopefully she’s here by Easter (the pink one).

Covey playing with Papa.

Our daffodils don’t last long, but they smell like spring. I should probably throw them out.

more happy smiles, wouldn’t know he woke up from a nap just a few minutes before, very unhappy.

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