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Over the years, I had heard from various sources that Bram Stoker’s famous novel was a surprisingly good read but it always slipped into some nebulously deep part of my reading list that I never seemed to reach.  It finally came to the forefront recently when reading some excerpts from it in “Religion and Its Monsters” by Timothy Beal.  Beal’s work was somewhat disappointing overall, covering  broader range of topics within the title’s spectrum, but ultimately not broad enough.  Still, his discussion of Stoker’s novel piqued my interest, even then not so much by his offered explanation of the story as a sort of xenophobic parable (although, it’s a perfectly lucid analysis) but just by his synopsis of the story itself.  It sounded like a much richer tale than I associated with the images of Bela Lugosi stalking around black and white frames with a cape and pointy teeth.


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