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the wall between us looks like thir



Neil Armstrong: 1930-2012

We are, by nature, competitive and somewhat obsessed by firsts. Whether it’s Olympic gold, the first man in space, the first man on the moon or the first person to climb Everest, to be first is culturally a crowning achievement.

Somewhat ironically, though, those that have been “first” are among the few who see through this illusion. When asked who first stepped foot on the summit of Mt Everest, Sir Edmund Hillaryrefused to answer, noting it was a joint-effort, that he could not have accomplished the feat without Tenzing Norgay. Expedition leader, Colonel Hunt, also noted, “They reached it together, as a team.” In the same way, Neil Armstrong shunned the notion that he was “the first man on the moon” or the “first man to walk on the moon” noting that whether it was the thin hull of the Eagle or the…

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Arthur Goldwag

Normally I have less than zero interest in sports or sports celebrities, but the fall of an icon like Mark McGwire (whose signature was on my younger son’s baseball bat when he was in Little League) or Lance Armstrong , whose as-told-to memoir It’s Not About the Bike so inspired my colleagues at Book-of-the-Month Club a decade-plus ago, does give me pause.

The fact that Armstrong availed himself of battalions of doctors and boatloads of drugs when he was battling cancer didn’t take away from his victory over the disease in anyone’s eyes. So why wouldn’t he use the chemical tools that virtually all of his competitors were also using when he raced, just to level the playing field if not to give himself an edge?

No one has suggested stripping Faulkner of his Nobel Prize because he wrote his longest, most convoluted sentences under the influence of alcohol, or…

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wingsy and me, haha,


THIS IS A REBLOG!!! A new way to face a new Day 🙂


Siang Ching is a Singapore based Graphic Designer and Illustrator who founded the wondrous world of Pattern Matters. Using patterns in a mind warping yet wonderful manner, all the fun projects by Pattern Matters are really exciting and fun to play and interact with. Be sure to check out their site and see how these funky calendars move!

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Be a student first…

You are absolutely right!!!

Stevie's Tao

It’s always easier to become
a promoter of world peace
than to be a student
of inner peace.


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