Monthly Archives: February 2015

Sweet Misery

My heart is sobbing in silence but on my lips painted a smile.

I know you’ll never love me but I’m not afraid to try.

It hurts when you ignore me.

The feeling squeezes me, its true!

But no regret, I’m contented

because happiness for me is loving you!

A simple smile from you makes my day complete.

Just a short talk with you I could hardly sleep

Still in silence, I hope and pray

That even only in dreams you’ll appear to stay.

I’m not obliging you love me too

But if that’d happen, it’s more that a dream come true!

It’s a slap on my face everytime I see you with someone else.

I am hurt but I ignore.

I may be foolish but it’s true

Perhaps because of loving you!

I may be crazy you may think,

But for me, loving you is the greatest thing

‘though how many times you’ve hurt me,

I won’t stop loving you

Because it’s the sweetest misery

on my whole life through!sweet misery 2sweet misery